Louis Vuitton

City Steamer bag


Louis Vuitton City Steamer bag was firstly presented in 2016 on the brand’s Cruise runaway in Palms Springs. Let’s get know this bag better.


Probably, you have already noticed or just figured out that the design of the City Steamer visually looks like Hermes Birkin bag, what do you think? Well, let’s discuss it tho. Honestly saying at the first impression was mixed – “hm something familiar”, but once you have a closer look, explore details and signs you realize that the design is unique. Maybe the main distraction is the central gold-tone lock, which we normally associate with classic Birkin bag, but if you remove this piece the whole image of the bag is changing

City Steamer is more a tote bag with its squared shape. It has a strap, which makes it more practical. Each bag has a named luggage tag with LV signature – it is a good reminder of the brand history. We can find City Streamer in three different sizes (from big to small): PM – 10.2, MM – 12.2, GM – 13.4

This bag is totally never enough, as this type of bag perfectly matches with every style. For work, or going to the cinema or just walk around the city – you can be sure, that you can put all your belongings inside and you will have extra space to put a little bit more in case you bumped into a nice store 😉

What I personally LOVE is that according to the seasonal trends the bag changes its’ colors in such amazing variations. It can be fully in one color or the line changed, which bring you so many experimental ideas to add to your personal style. That is so amazing!

Check the favorite two guy from Spring-Summer show 2018 and do not miss a chance to get your unique piece!